Sahayata – Home Care Nursing School

With world’s largest population of youth residing in India, it is indeed very challenging to create right kind of skills among youth to get gainfully employed. The challenge is even more accentuated in case of weaker sections of community with limited educational qualifications. On other hand, with emergence of nuclear & double income families, there is a need to attend to elders at home. Very often, there are cases of elders at home who need to be attended to do even their daily chores.

To meet this challenge, The Rotary Club of Panaji Mid-Town has proposed to start a fully charitable school, Sahayata – Home Care Nursing School.

At Sahayata, youth from economically backward families will be given free education & vocational training, gainfully employed and elevated to respected level in community. And with the availability of trained Home Care Nurses, the absence of care to elders at home will be resolved and help in keeping families together.

The school has opened its classrooms to 12 shortlisted students as of 5th January 2015. This school in partnership with Rugnashraya (Member of Matruchaya Trust) aims at:

• Training youth from economically challenged areas in field of Home Care Nursing. Targeted for 15 students intake per batch.
• All expenses towards fees & dormitory borne by School. Provision of Stipend for youth during training. This is a 100% charity school.
• Courses conducted by Jana Shikshan Saunstha under HRD, Government of India.
• Includes subjects like Communication Skill, Personal Finance, etc for overall training of youth.
• 6-month sandwich course with practical training at hospitals.
• Independent Placement Bureau to develop linkage between Students & Patients for providing employment.