Education Grants

Education Grants is one of our Flagship Project and under this project we handed over Grants to 11 deserving students this Rotary year 2014-15. These students were recommended by their respective colleges and were selected on the basis of merit by the committee. A total of Rs. 1,38,500/- was disbursed while making a total Commitment for Rs. 7,01,000/- to ensure that these Rotary Scholars are supported upto their final graduation.

The following Rotary Scholars received the grants in 2014-15:

Keshav Shetkar - 3rd Semester-Goa Engineering College
Vishal Shet - 5th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Salma Shaikh - 5th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Leora D’Souza - 5th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Jonita D’Souza - 7th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Surabhi Viturkar - 7th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Ramchandra Gaonkar - 7th Semester-Goa Engineering College
Prasad Irache - 1st Semester-Padre Conceicao College
Manjusha Vengurlekar - 3rd Semester-Goa Medical College
Aadini Prabhu - 1st Semester-Goa Medical College
Mahantesh Byali - 12th Standard-PACE

It had all begun in the year 1999. A group of committed Rotarians identified 4 economically challenged children from the Union High School, Chimbel and the Club decided to lend them a helping hand. Thus was born the Educational Grant Project, which in course of years has helped to place the Club on the International Rotary Map.