Disability Corrective Surgeries

The Rotary Club of Panaji Midtown has been carrying out corrective surgeries for the disabled patients since the first year (1998-99). The project treats children affected by Post-Polio Residual Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, congenital conditions like Club Foot, developmental diseases like Rickets, Post Traumatic conditions like Mal-unions and Non Unions, and Post infective conditions like Osteomylitis and Septic Arthritis. The patients are treated on an individual basis and not as Camp cases- admitted and treated in a Private Nursing Home and supplied with all the necessary medicines implants and instruments and orthotic devices for postoperative rehabilitations.

This highly successful and much applauded project is structured to meet all the demands of the needy patients. Because of the facilities provided, so far we do not have even a single case of dropout from the treatment. Patients who need Physiotherapy are accommodated in a physiotherapy clinic till they become independent. Patients are also provided with transport to and from the hospital. All the meals for the patients and the attendants during the hospital stay are provided free of charge.

So far we have treated over 350 patients and conducted over 1000 surgical operations. As on date, we have 4 patients undergoing treatment.