Cashew festival, Family day out at N V Ecofarms, 9 April 2017

Rtn Mahesh & Ann Smita Patil hosted the RCPMT families at their farm in Dabhal to celebrate the Cashew harvest on 9 April, 2017. The popular fruit, brought to Goa by Portuguese, is today a major agricultural crop, yielding variety of products like cashew nuts, cashew apple juice, local brew Feni, etc. The day began with Mid-Towners travelling in bus from Panaji & enjoying fellowship over breakfast in the bus. At the farm, after a mid day snack of traditional bhaji-pav, accompanied by lemongrass tea, the Mid-Towners settled themselves for a day at the farm. They enjoyed themselves in the cool waters of the stream, the rain shower, etc. Farm fruits like local variety of bananas, cashew apple, jackfruit, raw mangoes, etc. were available in plenty. Other attractions for the day were cashew nuts roasted in traditional way & the authentic local cuisine. The families returned in the evening after a rejuvenating relaxing day.